Neoclassical Statue RAFFLE

Neoclassical Statue RAFFLE


This is a Raffle, meaning your $10 purchase gets you 1 entry to win this tattoo free and clear.  There is NO LIMIT to the amount of entries.  Changing the quantity to 3 would give you 3 entries for a total of $30.  There is no gaurantee that you will win anything. 


This tattoo is large and will require a large amount of skin, "Neoclassical Statue" was designed to be a thigh piece, either on the side or front of the thigh, though I could also see it as a calf tattoo, or forearm/upper arm tattoo.  If you win, I will not tattoo this design on an area of the body that is not mentioned above.


Winner will be selected February 21st @ 7pm 

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